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From an idea to create a cv Paraphrasing in 5 steps by aristotle

Ancient art - the unique phenomenon which gave common cultural values literally in all areas of spiritual and material activity. Only three generations of cultural figures which life practically keeps within the classical period of history of Ancient Greece, laid the foundation of European civilization and created images for imitation for the millennia forward. Distinctive features of Ancient Greek culture: the spiritual variety, mobility and freedom - allowed Greeks to reach unknown heights before the people to imitate Greeks, to build culture on the samples created by them.

Among myths deeply archaic layer of totemistichesky myths about Hyacinth, Narcissa, Dafna, Aedona, etc. is found. Agricultural myths about Demetra and Persefona, about Triptolem and Yakh are very characteristic, about Dionysus - they represented crops and germination of grain and ceremonial practice of land owners. The importance belonged to mythological embodiments of elements of the terrestrial nature.

So, the Greek mythology at all complexity and a variety of the elements entering it has one feature and hitherto making so strong impression on the listener and the reader - high artistry and humanity of images.

Esthetic clarity of forms is important for antique consciousness. From here and characteristic esthetic form of ancient art. The art purpose - to make talent and gift to distinct fellow citizens. Verses always follow accurate norm. Theatrical action answers the existing canon: the audience well foreknows a plot of the tragedy or comedy, surprises cannot be, but for them important another - the clearness and persuasiveness of a known plot and images that is defined, the taken esthetic form.

Antique (or ancient) Greece was a cradle of European civilization and culture. Exactly here those material, cultural, esthetic values which to some extent found the development almost in all European people were put.