My Family Essay For Class 9 To 12

How to summarize

Opponents of the economic wonder-worker from Buenos Aires prove that its technique most of all is suitable for the small countries, such, for example, as Bulgaria or Estonia. However you will not call Argentina "small" in any way.

The country has very natural and economic potential: extensive of fertile lands, large resources of energy carriers (oil, natural gas, hydraulic power, stocks, largest in the region, uranium, various, though not really big deposits of minerals (zinc, copper, beryllium, iron ore, etc.). On reserves of wood concedes in Latin America only to Brazil and Chile.

The agriculture provides practically all internal needs for the food and industrial raw materials (except for those their types for which production in the country there are no necessary climatic conditions) and in many respects continues to characterize Argenyotina's position in the international division of labor.

In structure of the Argentina manufacturing industry in the last decades there were noticeable changes and in time about 1/2 costs of cumulative industrial production on metallurgical, machine-building, and chemical branches whereas the specific weight of branches — food and flavoring and textile — decreased to 1/

Argentina is located on other side of the equator. It is impossible to tell that the homeland of the gaucho and a tango realizes romantic dreams of paradise on the earth. No, of course: simply Argentina - one of those not numerous places where people are capable to exist in harmony with each other and the nature to work for decent remuneration, without turning work into end in itself, and to enjoy every moment promising pleasure. That, generally, also there is that worthy life.

Rather few descendants of konkvistador (it is no more than 10-15% of the population of the country) were dissolved in settlers modern. The galician accent is still heard everywhere. On an equal basis with Catalan, Italian and German.

Today's Bariloche - quite world-class amazing ski resort where in the winter with pleasure there go Europeans and Americans (at them at this time hot and for skis - not a season) and Brazilian neighbors. The climate is very similar to ours.

Siestas in Buenos Aires are not present: not hot. Therefore the capital inhabitants - not such relaxed as most of South Americans. Influence of the continent affects in the easy relation at the right time: delay on a meeting on half an hour-hour is not considered delay at all. One of favourite expressions: "There is no need to worry today - tomorrow always will come".

The Argentina power long time was guided by oil and gas; in the last two decades this list is partially overcome as a result of transition (especially in the electropower engineering specialist to use of more various power sources (hydroelectric power station and the NPP).