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So, one of species of groundhogs -, being the typical inhabitant of virgin steppes, in the past was widespread on steppes of the European part of our country. In process of plowing of steppes its number was steadily reduced, and now it meets in very small amount. Together with the baybaky the duck a peganka which nested in holes of a groundhog disappeared from the southern Ural steppes also and lost living conditions necessary for it.

Some animals cannot adapt to the places changed by the person and move in new or perish. Adverse changes of living conditions on considerable part of an area of a look lead to sharp decrease in its number and, as an extreme case, to full extinction.

Considerably the amount of production of fur animals, a game, fish (in internal reservoirs and some seas) and other trade animals decreased. Process of impoverishment of natural stocks of useful animals is observed in many countries of the world and accepted global character.

At last, deforestation in extensive territories worsens climate, does it drier and continental, promotes strengthening of winds and distribution of dry winds, emergence of droughts, etc. that has an adverse effect on agriculture.

Especially strongly the specific structure of fauna at the expense of an introduction in New Zealand with its rather poor radical fauna changed. Here 31 new bird species and 34 species of the mammals delivered from Europe, Asia, Australia, America, and also some species of fish got accustomed.