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In favor of these principles liberals give economic indicators. But these proofs are effectless. On the contrary, economic achievements — only a consequence of such vital installation and therefore cannot prove the last. There is a collision of mentalities of the Western and other world and therefore it is not necessary to believe ingenuously that much can achieve the simple appeal to reason.

Thus, workers of the rich countries have much more occasions to welcome globalization, than to be afraid of it. However it is not less and even the idea of globalization has to cause more enthusiasm in the working poor countries.

The global inequality of the income between workers of the poor and rich countries extends. This circumstance leads to emergence of border between people, turning them into people of the first and second grade. It is natural that such state of affairs cannot arrange not only the second, but also the first because anybody in such situation cannot feel safe. In many respects the feeling pushes with the person of the inferiority it on protests and indignations. Until there is a cardinal difference at a standard of living, the world cannot feel safe.

The world financial organizations representing the richest countries of the world come to the markets of the poor countries anxious first of all with receiving own profit. Poor economies are not capable to show resistance, to them practically does not remain a choice. The decision for them is made by the organizations, whose structures are foggy and process of adoption of this or that decision is kept a deep secret. All these opaque organizations explicitly contradict democratic principles of free and open society.